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Equineius - the holistic approach to your equine management and nutrition requirements

Equineius Ltd offers an independent holistic approach to nutrition and management consultations. We are independent equine nutritionists and management consultants. With 33 years of experience working within the equine industry, a new holistic approach to equine management is required. Other equine and horse nutritionists just look at that one aspect of the horses' environment, whereas we offer a whole horse approach with our aim being to improve the health and welfare of the horse from day-to-day management to what you are putting into your horse. All our consultations are backed by scientific research. We will only recommend products that are evidenced supported, indicating they will do what the manufacturers say they will. Our approach is to advise on the most suitable natural diet and management for each horse's environment, workload or use. 

We are qualified up to master's degree level, granting us an in-depth wealth of knowledge to ensure that all the horse's physical and psychological needs are met when conducting our consultations on your request. You can be confident that our advice and guidance is the best around. We are independent equine nutritionists who also understand the fundamental management requirements of horses. 

For horses with specific nutritional needs, for example, those with PPID, gastric ulcers, breeding or recuperating from injury, we take a holistic approach and look at the entire environment to help manage the health condition with the horse's health and welfare at the forefront of our practice.

All our consultations are carried out remotely. We may ask to see videos and images of your horse or horses to enable us to see what is going on precisely. Providing us with a complete insight into the situation and what needs improving or changing.  

You can depend on us to efficiently provide you with accurate advice at competitive prices. 


We will work on your project in a timely manner and provide your with a detailed consultation report 


We will handle all your requirements with discretion and all your personal details will be deleted once the consultation is completed 


You can depend on us for accurate independent nutritional and management advice

Our promise

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Fast, reliable 

You can rely on us for a fast reliable holistic service from our equine nutritionists and management consultants

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All our consultations will be carried out by one of our experts within the field of equine health and welfare

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