About us

We are independent equine holistic consultants for your equine nutrition and management requirements. 

We specialise in holistic nutrition, management, health, and welfare consultations available either as an individual or combined packages to suit your horses' holistic needs. 

We provide nutrition and management consultations to suit the lifestyle of many health and welfare conditions related to horses, including: 

  • Equine gastric ulcer syndrome
  • Metabolic disorders including EMS, IR, PPID, Cushings, and laminitis 
  • Nutrition to support the holistic management of barefoot horses
  • Holistic nutrition that is suitable for horses recovering from injuries or recuperating 
  • Holistic care of Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) 
  • Stud and youngstock holistic care to provide the best start in life and fertility  
  • Holistic care for those in retirement or old age
  • Holistic nutrition and management of performance horses no matter the level
  • Holistic paddock and stable management 

Our aim is to provide a holistic service to improve the health and welfare of horses through nutrition and management strategies. Our consultations are suitable for every horse, regardless of life stage, use, or health management. 

What goes into the horses' gastrointestinal tract is the building block for happy, healthy horses. The more natural the diet and management, the healthier the horse